Without a financial analysis of your telecom invoices, your company can be sure mistakes and overcharges exist.

Take the first step toward reducing your telephone and telecom expense with a complimentary consultation at no charge.


Source:  CFO Magazine

Let New Breed show you the way

As you probably already know, the telecommunications industry has it's own language.  If you don't work in the technology industry day-in and day-out, you may have a hard time keeping up with the terminology.  The billing systems are just as complicated. 

New Breed Telecom understands this and has a solution.

If you are a current client, or if you are just trying to figure out how to read your bill, we can help.

Just Fax you bill to 516 908 3643, or if you prefer, fill out the contact form below, and we will contact you before close of business the same day.

We'll review your bill and contact you within 5 business days if we find any discrepancies, unusual charges, outdated services or pricing plans.  

Your bill information is treated as confidential and privileged information.  Bill information will not be shared with any 3rd party entities.  Your information will only be used for the purpose of identifying areas of concern or potential savings.

  • Detailed list of all your locations
  • Detailed list of all phone lines and circuits
  • Detailed list of every feature applied to each line and circuits
  • Detailed list of each function of all circuits and lines
  • Usage for each circuit and line (traffic report)
  • Detailed telecom analysis conducted on fees for lines, circuits, usage, and features
  • Telecom contracts reviewed and analyzed with data above
  • Analysis of tariff performed on all telecom above
  • Detailed records of all orders placed within your telecom department

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an outsourced communications invoice management and cost savings solution.

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 is an outsourced communications invoice management and cost savings solution.

partneriQ features:
  • Web Hosted - No IT Hassles and Secure Anyhere Access
  • Deep Capabilities, Easy to Learn, Fast to Deploy
  • Telecom Asset and Inventory Management
  • Contract Tracking and Change Management
  • End-to-End Invoice Processing and Payment
  • FREE and Complete Versions available
  • Wireless and Wireline Resource Optimization Tools
  • Detailed Cost Allocation by Department or GL Code
  • Multi-User Flexibility and Security Settings
  • Over Thirty Stock Reports and Custom Report Capability
  • Greater Visibility ith Intuitive Dashboards

 Functions that comprise this service include:
  •  Invoice audit
  •  Services analysis
  •  Contract and vendor negotiation with or on behalf of the CLIENT
  •  Implementation of recommendations
  •  Validation of savings after implementation
  •  Invoice processing
  •  Invoice payment
  •  Detailed inventories and results reporting
  •  Order fulfillment services

The scope of this Engagement includes the following telecommunication services, as checked:
  •  Local
  •  Long distance
  •  Conference calling services
  •  Calling cards
  •  Wide area data network services
  •  Internet
  •   Wireless and cellular services
  •  Wireless paging services
  •  Voice equipment maintenance contracts
  •  Voice/Data switches
  •  Service charges audits
  •  Provider statement reviews
  •  Recommendations to improve cost structures

Numerous action items are either part of the initial service implementation and/or on-going CLIENT support. The items pertaining to the services to be managed within the scope of work as selected above ill apply.