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At New Breed Telecom, we believe that providing our sub agents with superior service and support is the key to our success. Pricing requests will be answered quickly, commissions tracked and always paid on time.

In addition to Voice & Data, New Breed also has a unique set of both entry level and Enterprise Web products, including web design, optimization, SEO, email, and hosting. Hosting includes: shared, virtual and dedicated hosting, as well as collocation and comprehensive managed services.

New Breed has also taken the next step to the future by becoming expert in Internet marketing, including networking and marketing on the popular social networking sites

New Breed Telecom is a telecommunications broker that provides free services to assist you in comparing prices for voice ,data, high speed Internet , and web solutions in your area.

New Breed Telecom connects with multiple carriers, and negotiates the lowest prices.  There is no fee for this service.  The pricing we negotiate is the lowest carrier pricing offered, not always available outside the agent channel.

Voice services include local dial, ISDN-PRI, domestic & international long distance, voice T1, integrated voice & data T1 and audio conferencing.

Data services include ,T1, T3, DS1, DS3, OC-3 , OC-12, frame relay, ATM, VPN, private lines, Ethernet, Ethernet over copper & MPLS

  • Internet marketing products include web design and optimization, Search Engine optimization, email solutions and domain services.
  • Web hosting encompasses virtual and dedicated hosting, as well as collocation, and managed services.

We face many barriers and limitations selling wirelss services in the indirect channel. New Breed will be able to offer MetTel Wireless. MetTel has created a wireless offering that is almost too good to be true! Viewing the chart below, it is cleat how MetTel compares with other carriers.

MetTel Wireless

  • Verizon and Sprint Networks
  • BYOD/Great devices and pricing
  • MDM included with service
  • Average savings of 10 % to 22%
  • Upfront PLUS residual commissions
  • Solution to so many issues we face with carrier limitations
Although PBX vendors and IT professionals are trusted advisers, New Breed believes that companies involved in shaping client image, branding and marketing have a unique relationship with - and are very close to the C level decision-makers we all need to reach.

We invite you to share your business leads with New Breed when clie
nts request products and services that you may not provide. In return, New Breed will enhance your image in the minds' of your clients, support your efforts, and you will receive very generous commissions.

If you have clients who may be looking for web design, email marketing, search engine optimization, voice, data or other web-based solutions that you do not offer, contact New Breed today.

Don't leave this potential business on the table! Engage us, and we'll run with it ..
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Why Join the NEW BREED?

  • New Breed offers a complete product set  designed to augment your current offerings, and enhance your value as an expert, not only in voice and data, but in today’s cutting edge technologies as well.
  • Referral compensation among the highest in the industry
  • On-time commission payments and residuals
  • Superb sales, marketing and back-office customer support
  • No quotas, volume commitments or exposure to bad debt
  • Comprehensive Voice, Internet, and Web Solutions Product line
  • National footprint
  • Ongoing training and marketing collateral provided.
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