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Telecommunications New Breed was created around the notion that it was time to re-invent the concept of the traditional telecom agency, and create a company that truly provides a full range of technical services:                                                                                                                 


A master agent is a provider of telecommunication services on behalf of service carriers.  
As a master agent, New Breed Telecom manages partners, or sub-agents, who sell our carrier’s products. 
We provide our partners with the availability of valuable resources including complete back-office support, experienced consultation and product training with carriers programs.
We have deep relationships with the industry’s best network providers, allowing us to provide a truly consultative sales experience for our partners and their clients.


Quote Request

  • Upon receipt of your quote request form, an email response will be sent to you acknowledging receipt.
  • An agent will either call or email if there are further questions.
  • Quotations for services, from carriers in your location, will be sent to you; usually within a day. For certain services, pricing may take 48 hours.
Contract and order process
  • We will prepare and process the carrier’s contract documents.
  • Follow the order through the installation process and coordinate with carrier, vendor and customer until provisioning is completed.
  • We are your single point of contact for all  issues or questions.
  • Ongoing, your dedicated account representative will maintain an overview of you account for tech support and billing issues for the life of the contract.
Our goal is to help customers increase their performance by providing flexible and scalable solutions. Our objectives are to maximize your communications and marketing capabilities by providing cutting-edge voice, data web products.

Voice and Data

Carrier Diversity 

New Breed focuses on leveraging carrier provider strengths to meet the individual needs of our customers. New Breed’s many voice and data carriers allows for local, long distance and data diversity onto the customers premises.  

We build our customers’ networks by customizing solutions to meet their business and budget requirements. We develop the best available network redundancy based on customer's specifications.  
By building a diversified carrier network into your premises, we can assure that your service will have the highest level of survivability available today.

From the telecommunication and web services we provide, to the back-office support behind it, results are the only thing that matters. We start by assisting you in the design of your business solution based on the specific needs of your business. We then guide you through the entire provisioning process, coordinating with vendors and consultants.

New Breed Energy
Our clients include businesses, organizations, condo associations and other entities throughout the United States, from individual retail outlets to entire municipalities. They have one thing in common: they want to save money and they
took the one simple step of calling   

New Breed Energy is a subsidiary of New Breed Telecom; an established Telecommunications Master agency providing Voice, Data and Internet services, nationwide, from all the major carriers.

With the advent of electricity and natural gas deregulation, customers are now enabled to choose which Company supplies their energy.

In this new deregulated and competitive marketplace, generation is separated from transmission and distribution.

This allows consumers to choose their energy supplier, while the delivery of the energy is still regulated and is the responsibility of the local utility company.

We represent a team of well established energy industry experts who leverage their expertise in today's energy markets to provide significant savings for our customers. We work on a no-cost basis and often find savings exceeding 30%

If you're located in any of the states with deregulated energy markets you're probably paying too much for your electricity and natural gas.

We can fix that: 
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Internet Marketing

Today's economy demands that  businesses find more cost-effective methods to reach new customers. Consequently, the web has been elevated to a top-two channel for acquiring and retaining customers. Whether the web is used as a vehicle for information, or a source of sales, all organizations must focus on the development, execution, and distribution of online content to maximize sales.

has expanded our services and increased our agent base through partnerships with Web Design. Internet Marketing, and Cloud Hosting companies.

Enabled by an onslaught of new technologies with accelerated adoption rates, consumers have attained a level of control never before seen…

Change has already happened. 
Our experience has provided us deep insight into the key drivers of this new empowered consumer. It is apparent that these changes are not simply shifts, but the face of a completely new consumer. A consumer who has grown up with brand new perspectives, and redefined the interplay of communications, relationships, brands, technology and media.

Let us help you to understand how to leverage the incredible new innovations & applications available to you in this new age of Internet marketing.

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